Sunday, 20 March 2016

Looking back and forwards......

As I write this, I think back to last week where I was running round the Silverstone GP Circuit.  As a sports fan it is inspiring to be at the home of the British GP and a circuit that has history.

As I say I am running to pay back a little of the support that the wonderful people at the Encephalitis Society as they aim to raise awareness of the illness, but more than that they help people and the families who have suffered to understand the illness and what they can do.  It is something that I had to deal with in trying to help my wife with, but without the initial help. It is something that the Society is very active in, providing information about the illness.  On the website they offer information for both adults and children who have suffered.

Last month saw ‘World Encephalitis Society Day’  which had a active digital competition with the aim of raising awareness of the illness.  Some of these were really impressive, far better than my effort.  In the short film category the winning film highlighted many of the issues that I saw with my late wife, as Hasamotos was one of the forms that the medical people thought she may have suffered from.  Really good, but look at the others as well please, and I think, off the top of the head, some of these will be shown.

As we move forward and look to Easter and then into April, the work continues for the Society and the new Support Scheme.  In this the volunteers offer help in 3 areas: Support – with the aim to provide support for families who have suffered, Awareness – to help the core staff to continue to raise awareness which may include delivering information and talks.  Finally, Information – to be part of the review service, read books and other resources on the illness and to provide resources as well.  I have, for some strange reason signed up for all 3, but waiting to hear which of the 3 roles (if I am accepted) I will follow through with the training.  Still very exciting.

Just one more thing to say, Happy Easter to all, and role on into April – the month of my birthday and the Stratford ½ Marathon as well.

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