Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Proud Dad :)

As we enter the month of August and I look back to July and event No7: the Rugby Half Marathon, it means that I now over half way through the '12 in 12' Challenge.  The 7th Event was a tough course in very warm conditions and a full report can be found here:.

July also saw me complete the 2nd of my Training Modules to allow me to become a Support Volunteer for the Society with a good positive feed back on the latest task.  The third and final module will be completed in the next week or so, then wait and see if  I pass and can start some more positive work.

Away from my own activities, I have to say I am pretty proud, as all parents are of their children, of my daughter.  Over the Summer she is taking part in the National Citizen Service - a 4 week programme about team building, meeting new people and working towards a volunteer/charity based initiative  Her group decided to try an raise awareness and some money for 2 charities.  The first is a local charity to help raise money that allows families with a child who has special needs to have a holiday.  The second charity is that for the Encephalitis Society, an idea plant and promoted by my daughter, Zoe.  This was her own idea and all I did was to pass on details of contacts at the Society (sorry Phillippa).  Go to say really proud of her :).

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