1 down, 11 to go!

Yep, my first 1/2 marathon is done and dusted.

4 Villages 1/2 Marathon, 17th Jan, Time: 1.51.45

Race Report

So, the 4 Village 1/2 Marathon is complete and finished in a steady time of 1.51.45. The day itself was cold with a light covering of frost/snow on the ground - certainly not the harsh conditions that presented themselves last year and caused the event to be cancelled.

At the start, all ready to go!
After arriving at the start early and walking about trying to keep warm it was time to get myself sorted.  Kit on and clothing packed in my bag and then placed in the baggage area to be looked after.  I had set myself  no target time in this event as it was my first race/event in mu 12 in 12 challenge, and secondly I was protecting a tight hamstring.  I didnt want to make it any worse than it is, got a long year a head of me. 

So, as the hooter goes, and see the leading runners charge off, I just jog along and try and keep it a nice steady pace.  I knew I would go into 'race' mode at some stage, but not in the first mile.  The 1st 2 miles were spot on for me as the route took us out of Helsby and into Durham, before hitting the countryside.  The is fairly flat at this point, and road straight, with only the odd corner the deal with.  The pace quickened up, but feeling ok. It was cold, but not too bad, esp I was nicely wrapped up in layers.
The 7th mile was the slowest, but I did have a reason - I had to stop to relieve myself (opps, sorry), all this lead onto the 'hilly' prt of the route, and the road started to rise - and continues to do so over the nest miles as it leads through Mouldsworth and the cheering folks on the roadside.  I was feeling good still, and the even pacing was now providing the benefit.  In through Manley (last of the 4 villages the event is named after), and the last 2miles.  Most of which was downhill - this would be the tricky part for me.  I normally just go with the flo, and let gravity pull me down - but, I knew I could really damage the hamstring, so kept it steady and didnt push it too much.  The last 1/2mile was good before finishing on the fields of a local school (no, not the high school of my school days).

My Finishers Medal

Roll onto February

21st February is the next date for me in the '12 in 12' Challenge: the Sleaford 1/2 Marathon, in Sleaford (surprisingly.....lol), Lincs.  I know nothing about this event it will be new to me.  Am only guessing in that it maybe flat, as its in Lincs, but the aim will be just to get round and enjoy the event.  No target time!

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