2 Down, 10 to go - Sleaford 1/2 Marathon

To-day: 21st Feb, was the second of my 12 1/2 Marathons in my '12 in 12' Challenge, in a time of 1:52:06. This event, organised by Sleaford Striders, was very similar to the 4 Villages I did back in January in being organised by a club, a 1/2M in winter - and it felt like it a well.  A runners event as I would say, regardless of ability.

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The base of operation was RAF Cranwell College which offered loads of parking. The course was again what I expecting for Lincolnshire - fairly flat, but 3 miles were on grass or farm tracks so a few runts, bumps, potholes and puddles along the route. It was also very windy - due in part to the open landscape of Lincolnshire, but I have to run what I am presented with.
the first few miles were on the grass and tracks - so it had to be steady as at times it was slippery under foot.  At 2.5 miles we finally hit the roads as we ventured out away from the race HQ and into the countryside.  Only 1 hill of any note, which had the lovely name of 'Cardiac Hill' - so nothing to worry about too much.  The route followed the lanes, but the wind was very blustery.  It was pushing us side wards so a determined steady run was in order.  Even as we looped round the 6mile/halfway point one could feel the wind on our sides or faces continually.

I was only as we turned at mile 9 did we feel the benefit of the tail wind, it was like being let off the leash - whoosh!  The pace went up - hitting the 8 min mile pace, from 8.30/40s - flying almost.  Then a virtual complete stop as we turned at 11.5 miles for the last stretch - the wind knocked me side wards, could feel my race number pulling on the vest, pushing me to the left more and more.  It was head down and fight.  Oh - and more grass, track and potholes as I plodded in to the finish area.

Pic c/o www.awoladventure.com

A time of 1.52.05 - a little slower than the 4 Villages in January, but was pleasing to get round and the show the Jigsaw pieces of the Encephalitis Logo to this area of Lincolnshire.  The memento was a T shire, and as a runner, can never have enough T shirts - so cant complain  :).

So, onto March and the Silverstone 1/2 Marathon.  This is one of the big ones, in terms of numbers.  Organised by the same people as the Virgin London Marathon, it is very popular as it is only 6 weeks before the big event itself, so ideal for VLM preparation.  For me, get round and boast, I ran down Hangar Straight!

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