No 8 : Newark and Back to form!

After the hard work, hard course and hard conditions that I faced at Rugby in July, it was to Newark in Lincs that I ventured for event No8.

This was very different to Rugby in many ways.  Rugby was presented as being organised by a leisure event company that was poor it is execution of the event (not saying it was bad, just expectations were not met) while Newark was presented as a local club event (in fact 4 clubs help to put the event together) but was delivered in a very professional, but low key way very similar to the 4 Villages Half.  It was a good event.

I also had the pleasure of running the event with Craig Ogilvie a member from my running club, Hermitage Harriers.  This made the race a much better experience.  We chatted away for the 1st half to the race, keeping pace with each other - no real time in mind, just running along.  It was overcaste and warm - but certainly not as warm as Rugby.  The route was flat with only the odd incline due to flyovers, but other than them - flat.  Plenty of marshals were out and about with many from the villages coming out to support and cheer us on our way.  Meanwhile, Craig and I just plodded on.I just kept running with him as he seemed so comfortable - there were moments I thought - 'Craig, slow down now for a bit', but no we just carried on.  Ok in the last mile I felt strong and went ahead but at the end of the race as we talked, he said to me, he thought 'Al, slow down for a bit'  So, we thought the same, but didnt say a word and instead carried on.  Oh, but it was such a good event and worthwhile, and certainly is when running with a club colleague.

Craig (in the Grey/Back Vest) and myself on route of the Newark Half

So, with the 2 of us running together a time of 1.47.45 was hit, and a much better all round run that Rugby.  I am not saying Rugby is a poor event for me it was poor and thus very different.  Newark was a flat course and this is one of those courses that a fat race is very possible - only issue is it being in August.  Still - it is event no 8 out of the way, so 2/3rds of the way through.

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