Rugby - Tough event and conditions.

No 7 half was the Rugby Half, birthplace of the game of rugby.  This proved to be a tough day at the office as they say.  The route was a challenging, hilly course on what proved to be a very warm and humid day.

On days like to day, where i know nothing of the course, it is to run it as you see.  Unfortunately, the first 2 miles were generally down hill and thus a little misleading.  The route started in a park near the town centre, and we went off through the centre and and then into the grounds of the famous school.  We didn't go past the ground where young Me Webb-Ellis picked up the ball, but rather round the cricket square.  Out of the school lands and within 1/2 a mile into the countryside - motoring along, more due to the decline of the road, but it was warm all ready.

Very soon thou, we had the climb up and up, and up it went.  For virtually 3 solid miles the road took us up climbing somewhere in the region of 300+ feet in 3  miles. With the humid conditions, a good time went out of the window, so settled back - and just aim to get over the finishing line.

by this time (about 1hr into the race), the sun decides to stick its head out, and for the next little bit as we rolled down the hills - but it was not easy trying to pick up some decent pace.  In teh last quarter, I could feel the heat and the conditions getting me to.  I dont run to well in the sun or in warm conditions - and it was telling.  The route also took us through some of the back areas of rugby before hitting the race HG area - which included a lap of the local track before finishing in the local park.

It was a tough route, certainly not PB material - a runners route or one for the casual runners who want a real challenge of a half.  The finishing ares treat was a beer - ok it was warm and alcohol free - but a beer, with a medal.

Still, a finish is a finish and thats number 7 under the belt.  Just 4 weeks after this I venture into Newark for No8.

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